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91. Seokbum Kang, Boosik Jeon, Seung-Tae Hong, Hochun Lee*

"A sulfone-based crystalline organic electrolyte for 5 V solid-state potassium batteries"

Chemical Engineering Journal 443 (2022) 136403

90. Nayeon Kim, Seoungwoo Byun, Dahee Jin, Cyril Bubu Dzakpasu, Sun Ho Park, Hyungjin Lee, Seung-Tae Hong, and Yong Min Lee*,

"Electrode Alignment: Ignored but Important Design Parameter in Assembling Coin-Type Full Lithium-Ion Cells"

Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2022) 169, 023502. DOI: 10.1149/1945-7111/ac4f23

89. Jeongmin Lee, Hunho H. Kwak, Sang-eun Bak, Geun Jun Lee, Seung-Tae Hong, Muhammad A. Abbas,*and Jin Ho Bang*,

"New Class of Titanium Niobium Oxide for a Li-Ion Host: TiNbO4withPurely Single-Phase Lithium Intercalation"

Chemistry of Materials (2022) 34, 854−863.

88. Hyeri Bu, Hyungjin Lee, Dedy Setiawan, and Seung-TaeHong*,

"Intercalation-type positive electrode materials for nonaqueous calcium-ion batteries"

Chemical Physics Review (2022) 3, 011309 ; doi: 10.1063/5.0073087

87. Boosik Jeon, Hunho H. Kwak, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"Bilayered Ca0.28V2O5·H2O: High-Capacity Cathode Material forRechargeable Ca-Ion Batteries and Its Charge Storage Mechanism"

Chemistry of Materials (2022) 34, 1491-1498.



86. Jooeun Hyoung, Jongwook W. Heo, Boosik Jeon, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"Silver Vanadium Bronze, β-Ag0.33V2O5: Crystal-Water-Free High-Capacity Cathode Material for Rechargeable Ca-ion Batteries"

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2021) 9, 20776–20782.

85. Munseok S. Chae, Dedy Setiawan, Hyojeong J. Kim, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"Layered iron vanadate as a high-capacity cathode material for nonaqueous calcium-ion batteries"

Batteries (2021) 7, 54.

84. Meladia E. Purbarani, Jooeun Hyoung, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"Crystal-Water-Free Potassium Vanadium Bronze (K0.5V2O5) as a Cathode Material for Ca-Ion Batteries"

ACS Applied Energy Materials (2021)

83. Seokbum Kang+, Chang-eui Yang+, Boosik Jeon, Bonhyeop Koo, Seung-Tae Hong, and Hochun Lee*
"A Crystalline Organic Electrolyte for Safe, RoomTemperature Operable All-Solid-State Sodium Batteries
Energy Storage Materials (2021) Accepted, 

82. Yoonjae Jan, Sung Hoo Jung, Hiram Kwak, Seunggoo Jeon, Hunho H. Kwak, Jong Hoon Lee, Seung-Tae Hong, Yoon Seok Jung*
"Single‐ or Poly‐Crystalline Ni‐Rich Layered Cathode, Sulfide or Halide Solid Electrolyte: Which Will be the Winners for All‐Solid‐State Batteries?
Advanced Energy Materials (2021) 2100126. 

81. Hiram Kwak, Daseul Han, Jeyne Lyoo, Juhyoun Park, Sung Hoo Jung, Yoonjae Han, Gihan Kwon, Hansu Kim, Seung-Tae Hong, Kyung-Wan Nam*, Yoon Seok Jung*
"New Cost-Effective Halide Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries: Mechanochemically Prepared Fe3+-Substituted Li2ZrCl6"
Advanced Energy Materials (2021) 2003190. 

80. Hiram Kwak, Jeyne Lyoo, Juhyoun Park, Yoonjae Han, Ryo Asakura, Arndt Remhof, Corsin Battaglia, Hansu Kim, Seung-Tae Hong∗, Yoon Seok Jung∗
"Na2ZrCl6 enabling highly stable 3V all-solid-state Na-ion batteries"
Energy Storage Materials (2021) 37, 47-54. 

79. Doyeub Kim, Jin Wan Park, Munseok S. Chae, Incheol Jeong, Jeong Hwa Park, Kyeong Joon Kim, Jong Jun Lee, Chanhoon Jung, Chan-Woo Lee*, Seung-Tae Hong*, Kang Taek Lee*
"An efficient and robust lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite catalyst as a bifunctional oxygen electrode for reversible solid oxide cells"
Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2021) 9, 5507-5521. 



78. Munseok S. Chae, Hyojeong J. Kim, Jeyne Lyoo, Ran Attias, Yuval Elias, Yosef Gofer, Seung-Tae Hong, and Doron Aurbach*

"Boosting Tunnel-Type Manganese Oxide Cathodes by Lithium Nitrate for Practical Aqueous Na-Ion Batteries"

ACS Applied Energy Materials (2020) 3,10744-10751. 

77. Munseok S. Chae , Hyojeong J. Kim , Jeyne Lyoo , Ran Attias , Yosef Gofer , Seung-Tae Hong,* Doron Aurbach,*

"Anomalous Sodium Storage Behavior in Al/F Dual-Doped P2-Type Sodium Manganese Oxide Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries"

Advanced Energy Materials (2020) 2002205. 

76. Boosik Jeon‡, Jongwook W. Heo‡, Jooeun Hyoung, Hunho H. Kwak, Dongmin M. Lee, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Reversible calcium ion insertion in NASICON-type NaV2(PO4)3"

Chemistry of Materials (2020) 32, 8772-8780. 

75. Munseok S. Chae, Hunho H. Kwak, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Calcium Molybdenum Bronze as a Stable High-Capacity Cathode Material for Calcium-Ion Batteries"

ACS Applied Energy Materials (2020) 3, 5107-5112. 

74. Munseok S. Chae, Hyojeong J. Kim, Hyeri Bu, Jeyne Lyoo, Ran Attias, Ben Dlugatch, Matan Oliel, Yosef Gofer, Seung-Tae Hong,* and Doron Aurbach* ,

"The Sodium Storage Mechanism in Tunnel-Type Na0.44MnO2 Cathodes and the Way to Ensure Their Durable Operation"

Advanced Energy Materials (2020) 2000564. 

73. Munseok S. Chae, Jongwook W. Heo, Jooeun Hyoung, Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Double-Sheet Vanadium Oxide as a Cathode Material for Calcium-Ion Batteries"

ChemNanoMat, (2020) 6, 1–6. (2020). 

72. Jongwook W. Heo, Hyeri Bu, Jooeun Hyoung, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Ammonium Vanadium Bronze, (NH4)2V7O16, as a New Lithium Intercalation Host Material"

Inorganic Chemistry,  (2020) 59, 4320-4327. 


71. Kukhyun Jo1†, Siwoo Lee1†, Ahra Yi1, Taeyeol Jeon2, Hyun Hwi Lee2,*, Dohyun Moon2,*, Dongmin M. Lee3, Jiyoung Bae3, Seung-Tae Hong3, Jinhwa Gene4, Seung Geol Lee1,* Hyo Jung Kim1,* ,

"Alkyl Conformation and π-π Interaction Dependent on Polymorphism in the 1,8-naphthalimide (NI) Derivative"

ACS Omega  (2019) 4, 19705-19709. 

70. Mohadese Rastgoo-Deylami, Jongwook W. Heo, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"High Potassium Storage Capability of H2V3O8 in a Non-Aqueous Electrolyte"

ChemistrySelect  (2019) 4, 11711 – 11717 . 

69. Byung-Hyun Yun,‡ Kyeong Joon Kim, ‡ Dong Woo Joh,‡ Munseok S. Chae, Jong Jun Lee, Dae-won Kim, Seokbeom Kang, Doyoung Choi, Seung-Tae Hong*,  and Kang Taek Lee*,

"Highly active and durable double-doped bismuth oxide-based oxygen electrodes for reversible solid oxide cells at reduced temperatures†" 

J. Materials Chem. A  7, 20558-20566 (2019). 

68. Jooeun Hyoung, Hyeon Woo Lee, So Jin Kim, Hong Rim Shin and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Crystal structure of strontium perchlorate anhydrate, Sr(ClO4)2, from the powder X-ray diffraction data "

Acta Crystallographica, E75, 447-450 (2019).

67. Jongwook W. Heo,+ Munseok S. Chae,+ Jooeun Hyoung, and Seung-Tae Hong*  (+ equally contributed),

"Rhombohedral Potassium Zinc Hexacyanoferrate as a Cathode Material for Nonaqueous Potassium-Ion Batteries"

Inorg. Chem. 58, 3065-3072 (2019). 

66. Kyeong Joon Kim,†,∥ Manasa K. Rath,†,∥ Hunho H. Kwak,† Hyung Jun Kim,‡ Jeong Woo Han,§ Seung-Tae Hong,† and Kang Taek Lee* ,

"A Highly Active and Redox Stable SrGdNi0.2Mn0.8O4±δ Anode with In-situ Exsolution of Nanocatalysts"

ACS Catalysis 9, 1172-1182 (2019). 

65. Munseok S. Chae and Seung-Tae Hong* ,

"Prototype System of Rocking-Chair Zn-Ion Battery Adopting Zinc Chevrel Phase Anode and Rhombohedral Zinc Hexacyanoferrate Cathode "

Batteries5(1), 3 (2019).

64. Jooeun Hyoung,+ Jongwook W. Heo,+ Munseok S. Chae and Seung-Tae Hong*, (+ equally contributed)

"Electrochemical Exchange Reaction Mechanism and Role of Additive Water to Stabilize Structure of VOPO4・2H2O as a Cathode Material for Potassium-Ion Batteries"

ChemSusChem, 12, 1069-1075 (2019). 




63. Sung-Jin Kang, Hyeonji Kim, Sunwook Hwang, Minsang Jo, Minchul Jang,‡ Changhun Park, ‡ Seung- Tae Hong, and Hochun Lee*,

"Electrolyte Additive Enabling Conditioning - Free Electrolytes for Magnesium Batteries"

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  11, 517-524 (2018).


62. Mohadese Rastgoo-Deylami, Munseok S. Chae, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"H2V3O8 as-a High Energy Cathode Material for Nonaqueous Magnesium-Ion Batteries "

Chem. Mater. 30(21), 7464-7472 (2018). 

61. Chang Ki Moon,†,⊥ Hyun-Jae Lee,‡,⊥ Kern Ho Park,† Hiram Kwak,† Jongwook W. Heo,§ Keunsu Choi,‡  Hyemi Yang,‡ Maeng-Suk Kim,‡ Seung-Tae Hong,§ Jun Hee Lee,*,‡ and Yoon Seok Jung* ,

"Vacancy-Driven Na +Superionic Conduction in New Ca-Doped Na 3PS 4for All-Solid-State Na-Ion Batteries"

ACS Energy Lett. 2504-2512 (2018).

60. Jongwook W. Heo, Jooeun Hyoung, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"Unveiling the Intercalation Mechanism in Fe2(MoO4)3 as a Cathode Material for Na-Ion Batteries by Structural Determination"

Inorg. Chem.  57, 11901-11908 (2018). 

59. Eugene A. Esparcia, Jr.,†,§ Munseok S. Chae,‡,§ Joey D. Ocon† and Seung-Tae Hong*,‡,

"Ammonium Vanadium Bronze (NH4V4O10) as a High-Capacity Cathode Material for Nonaqueous Magnesium-Ion Batteries"

Chem. Mater. 30, 3690-3696 (2018). 

58. Jooeun Hyoung, Jongwook W. Heo, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Investigation of Electrochemical Calcium-Ion Energy Storage Mechanism in Potassium Birnessite"

J. Power Sources, 390, 127-133 (2018). 


57. Dongmin Lee, Hyeri Bu, Dohwan Kim, Jooeun Hyoung, and Seung-Tae Hong*

"The crystal structure of calcium perchlorate anhydrate, Ca(ClO4)2, from the powder X-ray diffraction data "

Acta Crystallography, E74, 514–517 (2018). 


56. Joon-ki Park, Geun-gyung Park, Hunho H. Kwak, Seung-Tae Hong, and Jae-won Lee* ,

"Enhanced Rate Capability and Cycle Performance of Titanium- Substituted P2-Type Na0.67Fe0.5Mn0.5O2 as a Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries "

ACS Omega, 3, 361−368 (2018). 


55. Jongwook W. Heo, Abhik Banerjee, Kern Ho Park, Yoon Seok Jung*, Seung-Tae Hong*,

"New Na-ion Solis Electrolytes Na4-xSn1-xSbxS4 (0.02 ≤ x ≤ 0.33) for All-Solid-State Na-ion Batteries"

Advanced Energy Materials, 1702716 (2018). 




54. Munseok S. Chae, Jooeun Hyoung, Minchul Jang, Hochun Lee, and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Potassium Nickel Hexacyanoferrate as a High-Voltage Cathode Material for Non-aqueous Magnesium-ion Batteries"

J. Power Sources, 363, 269-276 (2017). 

53. Sung-Chul Lim, Munseok S. Chae, Jongwook W. Heo and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Electrochemical lithium intercalation chemistry of condensed molybdenum metal cluster oxide: LiMo4O6"

J. Solid State Chem. 254, 90-95 (2017). doi:10.1016/j.jssc.2017.07.004

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Inorg. Chem. 56(14), 7668-7678 (2017). 

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Chem. Mater. 29, 3174 (2017).

49. Munseok S. Chae, Jongwook W. Heo, Hunho H. Kwak, Hochun Lee and Seung-Tae Hong*,

"Organic Electrolyte-based Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries using Potassium Nickel Hexacyanoferrate as a Cathode Material”

J. Power Sources, 337, 204-211 (2017).  




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Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 23607-23612 (2016). 

47. Abhik Banerjee†, Kern Ho Park†, Jongwook W. Heo, Young Jin Nam, Chang Ki Moon, Seung M. Oh,

Seung-Tae Hong,* Yoon Seok Jung*, († equally contributed)
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